Surprises dining-out days are the best; I adore it when we decide to go out for a meal and just go with the flow. On this occasion we went to The Wright Brothers, behind Carnaby Street. A lovely seafood restaurant with a great bartender.

We were shown to our allotted table but decided to move to the bar, I always find it much more interesting and you actually get to interact with the staff, ask them questions about the food and even have a more personal communication – so basically you are a bit like part of the Wright Brothers family.

We started with cocktails, I had an amaretto sour and Peter had a negroniā€¦ yum yum yum!

Going through the wine list, not really sure what to have. Normally we have red, but on this occasion we decide to go white – it’s seafood after all. We had three options, not sure on what to have we start talking to the bartender and he sort of made the decision for us. He gave us the three wines we had selected to taste and then we could pick which one we liked best, and he was absolutely “wright brothers” in the one he thought.

After that jolly conversation, our waiter came to take the order, explained about the specials and how best to enjoy the whole experience. So we decided to go for oysters and a couple of starters, just to try the highlights. Afterwards we had main course, which Peter went for the skate wing and I decided to go for a couple more starters and to share everything.

It was all really nice and delicious; completely satisfied we go for the digestives; when PX is on the menu, I have to have it!
The bartender suggested the chocolate fondant and was so insistent that we decide to try it, thank god we did, it was beautifully baked.

Thank you Wright Brothers for a great meal, knowledgeable company and charming environment.