Weddings are always good fun and full of happiness, at least the ones I have been to. There are some exceptions, but nevertheless they are always done with the best intentions.

This time we have the joy and pleasure of celebrating with our lovely friends Patricia and Jose. All the way from Barcelona, the place where flavours mix with party and a hell of a good time no matter what happens!

All set in an open space near the beach, white chairs and white tables, in the garden with a great sunny day (photos with the sunset, just like the bride wanted) the band is live and there are lots of spaces to just chill out and enjoy it all.
The bride comes in and walks down the aisle, the judge speaks and then friends have the chance to say some words, all very funny and starting to set the tone of the party.

With the paper work done and everybody already with their first glass of Mai Tai, the food starts to appear, I go straight to the beautiful leg of Iberico ham that the waiter is carving, then head towards the cheese table and after to the sushi display, meanwhile there are waiters walking around with trays, giving more food, yummy butiffara with mushrooms on a stick, delicious fish and vegetarian croquetas, individual bowls with all sorts of yummy food and all of this with a beer on hand. It was amazing!

Walking around the party and getting to know the guests, Noemi, Victor the crazy cousins, mum and dad, Vanesa and her beautiful baby bump, harry the all-time gentleman and Monica the girlfriend of a guy I can’t remember.

There is a photo both and we can’t have enough of it, honestly I lost count of how many pictures we had taken. Peter and I can’t miss a chance to wear a wig, hat or fancy dress. The most beautiful thing was that after the picture, you get two copies, one for you and another for a book where you stick the picture strip and write a message.

After comes the cakes, the cutting of the cake with a sword, very symbolic and considering the size of it, everything looked very delicate. There was Sacher torte and Chocolate truffle cake with cream and custard layered, to choose, I had both.

The party in full mood and there is a performance of Grease made by the bride and groom with some friends, choreography and all, loved it, didn’t stop singing. Meanwhile the bar was only serving shots of anything you wanted and there is a point of how many Jaegermeisters you can have…

We keep on dancing and drinking all night until early hours, such fun, lovely people and great party.

Wishing you all the best and as we say in Spanish: ¡salud, dinero y amor para Patricia y José!