I got this beautiful cake tin as a gift and I can’t stop using it, it’s my favourite tin at the moment, I’ve done red velvet, vanilla sponge, carrot cake and for this occasion I am doing a lemon extravaganza.

To start, make a batch of lemon curd. Then follow the easy cake sponge and the shortbread recipe from my blog. The only change is that this time you are going to add the zest of three lemons to the cake mix and the zest of three lemons to the shortbread mix before baking.

With the remaining lemons, squeeze them in a pan and add 100g of caster sugar, place it on the hob at medium high heat and do a light syrup, once the cake is ready, soak the sponge with the lemony syrup and let it absorb it all.

Before the cake cools down completely, turn it out of the tin so it will be easier to take it out when it’s completely cool, wait about 10 minutes and put it back in the tin so when you transfer it from one side to another it won’t lose its edges and as well it will give it more time for the syrup to spread its deliciousness lemony flavour.

Once your shortbread is ready, crumble it in small to medium chunks, a bit like crumble when it’s baked.

Place your cake on your preferred cake stand, dust it with icing sugar, poor the lemon curd on top and sprinkle the crumbled shortbread. If you want the extra lemon zing, grate some zest right at the end, the freshness and smell will push it a bit further and your guests will be very happy.