What to do during the month of May? Easy, go down to Brighton and Hove and enjoy the Artists Open House. Such fun and full of very interesting things to do, if you have a sunny day, you can enjoy a walk by the beach and have a look at other things in town, like the food market.

Great restaurants and shops, just in case you get bored of the artists. Grab a fish and chips and sit by the beach (careful with the seagulls) and don’t forget to use sun block!

This year, my aunt (Encounters) once again decided to join the houses and as always, its rocking.See sculptures from Pedro Fermin, Aldo Anzaloni, Andrea Schulewltz and Jacob Frerichs, jewellery by Carlos Sanchez, paintings by Edgar Sánchez and Paul Smith, intriguing forms by Felipe Herrera, pixels and squares by Francesca Seravalle, fascinating textiles by Isabel Cisneros and an installation by Miladys Parejo.

These are the artists and some of their points of view:

“My journeys have been an incredible influence to my technique: specifically the folklore, fiestas, history and the traditions of these beautiful places”.
Aldo Anzaloni

“Carving stone is how I started. It was very simple stuff, about things seen in my immediate environment, or sometimes artifacts from ancient civilizations or found things that engaged me, and still do. I’m also interested in designed landscape. I’d lived in Japan as a child and remember the gardens and the balance of elements, of stillness and peace”.
Andrea Schulewltz

“My pieces are accumulations that are built to reach the maximum possible size and compactness with the least amount of material. I work with small units: clay pieces, scales, seeds and industrial objects like buttons, bolts, hoses, books and cloth. The result is similar to a rug or carpet. It is important to me that the spectator can play with my pieces freely to create infinite varieties of forms. My works are conceived as abstract objects derived from mathematical and geometrical calculations, the final result evokes resting living beings.”
Isabel Cisneros

“Each of my paintings is a result of experimentation. Sometimes I begin with a basic form, sometimes with a gesture in paint. I begin to add other materials such as paper or card as the work evolves. Sometimes I print forms on to the surface too. Each mark with paint or crayon or pencil or each piece of paper added creates a new challenge in terms of its effect on the whole. The painting evolves as a series of aesthetic problem-solving situations until I find a way to achieve a resolution”.
Paul Smith

If you decide to come, have lunch at the house, all cooked by my aunt Iliana Perozo. Traditional Venezuelan food, absolutely delicious.

Really hope you can come and experience it all for yourself, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.